Unitary Councillors

31st March marks the last day of the existence of Wycombe District Council.  We are proud to have served as your Councillors on that Council  We hope that any time you’ve needed to call upon us, we’ve been there for you.

On 1st April, we become two of the five Unitary Councillors serving the ward known as Chiltern Villages, which includes the Marlow Bottom and Great Marlow parishes.  We have agreed with the other three Councillors that each of the five will deal with the affairs of the areas we looked after before.  It makes sense for us to work with people and in a geography that we already know.

In the short term you can still contact us via our WDC email addresses below, and our phone numbers remain as before.

We look forward to serving you for another year, until the elections in May 2021.

And at this difficult time we sincerely wish only the best for you and your loved ones.

Mark Harris                                                         Dominic Barnes

mark.harris@wycombe.gov.uk                       dominic.barnes@wycombe.gov.uk

0777-821-0821                                                  01628-477784