Latest News

We are delighted to announce that the long awaited works to widen the entrance to Marlow Bottom will commence on 21st August and are projected to run until 1st September, although the completion date is dependent on how the work goes and also of (course) the weather.
For some or all of that period, there will be a traffic light system in place, with the road reduced to one lane.  This will of course be inconvenient, for which we apologise.  We have pushed for the work to happen during the school holidays, to minimise that convenience.  Your patience and co-operation are appreciated,
We are confident that the long term gain is well worth the short term gain.


There was a longer than usual Parish Council meeting on 27th July – there was a lot to discuss.

The minutes will be published on our website when they are approved at the September meeting, but some of the key outcomes were:

  • Road widening project approved – start date and projected finish date to be announced soon – a traffic light system will manage traffic – no road closure
  • Making good the entrance to the valley after the work installing the cycle path will be commenced soon
  • Re-planting of the daffodils will be implemented when it’s the right time of year to do so!
  • The new decorative gates will be installed at the same time as the road widening, or soon after
  • We are trying to re-start the conversation with the Highways Agency about Handy Cross issues
  • Rock Bottom was a financial and communal success
  • A number of items carried over to the next meeting as relevant Councillors were on holiday
The next meeting will be in the Village Hall at 7.30 on 28th September.  we had two visitors at this meeting.  They both found it very interesting!  If you like, you can come along in September – all are welcome.