Mental Health Awareness Week

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, St John Ambulance has collated some resources which will help start conversations about mental health both in and out of the workplace whether it is with your colleagues, volunteers, clients or with family and friends:Book in on one of their free online mental health modules (you will need to register for access): An introduction to wellbeing, and Mental health first aidTake the Mental health in the workplace quiz to test your knowledge of the effects of mental health at workWatch the new series of mental health webinars which St John Ambulance is hostingHave a look at their wellbeing self-assessment tool which can help you understand what may be causing your stress as well as suggest steps you can take to improve your overall wellbeing.  
You can also find lots of helpful information on the Buckinghamshire Mind website, and you can seek help by calling the Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline
Wendover mental health charity, Lindengate has recently launched Lindengate@home to help anyone struggling with the effects of COVID-19 or isolation.  Aimed at helping people to regain structure and wellbeing into their daily routines, the website focusses on five ways to wellbeing:ConnectBe ActiveTake NoticeKeep LearningGivingWithin each of the five areas, there are suggested activities to help boost wellbeing such as cooking, gardening and exercising. Go to Lindengate@home and click on the five wellbeing buttons. 

Online Child Sex Abuse Campaign from TVP

In March, reports of online child sexual abuse in the Thames Valley were 146% higher than the number of reports received in March 2019.

With the government restrictions in place, many children are spending more time online to stay in touch with friends and loved ones as well as a way to stay entertained. We are looking to encourage parents and carers to take action in protecting their children from falling victim to online sexual abuse.

Is a street light disturbing your sleep?

Does a street light shine in to your house, and particularly into your bedroom?

The problem can be fixed easily by a contractor putting black tape on the specific part of the light which points in your direction, and the Clerk to the Parish Council can make that happen for you.

If that applies to you, please advise the Clerk via . If it’s a side road, the Clerk will deal with it. If it’s the main road through Marlow Bottom, she will liaise with Buckinghamshire Council to get it sorted for you.

Valley Footpath Project

VALLEY FOOTPATHS  Peter Borrows, a stalwart of the Valley, and Chairman of the Marlow Bottom Valley Residents Association, recently brought to the attention of the Parish Council an upcoming change in legislation, which means that some of our rights of way will disappear in 2026.  That sound a long way away, but the time will fly by! Official rights of way, the term that covers both footpaths and bridleways, are shown on a Definitive Map held by counties. Buckinghamshire is fortunate in this respect as the county has maintained the map better than most. However, over the years, rights of way have disappeared through lack of use or landowners blocking access unchallenged: and there many unofficial footpaths that don’t appear on any map. In 2000, Parliament decided that unrecorded ways should be extinguished at the end of 1 January 2026 unless formally recorded on a definitive map. The intention was to provide clarity to landowners, but it follows that public access to informal tracks may thereafter be denied. This could be very limiting as those of us who walk around Marlow Bottom will be aware. However there is a process by which rights can be confirmed or asserted, but it involves documentary research, followed by application to the county authority or possibly the Secretary of State (The Planning Inspectorate). The COVID crisis has been an opportunity for many people to renew their acquaintance with the network of footpaths and bridleways in and around Marlow Bottom. It will have been evident that state of these varies, many in want of attention, either from overgrown vegetation or from rubbish dumped by those who see them as convenient resting grounds for garden waste. Garden encroachment is another issue in places. The present lock down presents a unique opportunity to address this issue in our valley. A purposeful and coordinated programme of walks and research could lay the groundwork for ensuring that the freedom to walk around our valley is secured for the future. We are therefore seeking your help, and we want that in one of two ways. The easy job, once we’re organised, will be to advise us of issues with footpaths and bridleways, and in particular to advise of footpaths and bridleways which are not shown on definitive maps, and will therefore be lost to us all in 2026.  There will be tool available to help you to this – more info will follow in due course. The much harder job is for someone to project manage this. That volunteer will need good project management skills, will need to have the time available to make this happen (perhaps retired, perhaps on furlough), and a love of the countryside will be an undoubted benefit. If you want to volunteer to be a walker for us, either just during the lockdown or longer term, please email to advise.  For now, you’ll just go on a list, but you’ll soon be allocated some work to do.  To help us to that in a way that doesn’t break any of the lockdown rules, please include your full postal address within that email. And if you think you have the skills, the motivation, and the time required to be the Project Manager, please let the Clerk know via the same address.  All you’ll be committing to is a conversation to learn more about what’s involved.  If no-one steps up, we may well lose a valuable local asset.  If you’re even a “vaguely maybe” please do get in touch.          

Unitary Councillors

31st March marks the last day of the existence of Wycombe District Council.  We are proud to have served as your Councillors on that Council  We hope that any time you’ve needed to call upon us, we’ve been there for you. On 1st April, we become two of the five Unitary Councillors serving the ward known as Chiltern Villages, which includes the Marlow Bottom and Great Marlow parishes.  We have agreed with the other three Councillors that each of the five will deal with the affairs of the areas we looked after before.  It makes sense for us to work with people and in a geography that we already know. In the short term you can still contact us via our WDC email addresses below, and our phone numbers remain as before. We look forward to serving you for another year, until the elections in May 2021. And at this difficult time we sincerely wish only the best for you and your loved ones. Mark Harris                                                         Dominic Barnes              0777-821-0821                                                  01628-477784


A404 Marlow to High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire) Resurfacing

We’re resurfacing sections of the A404 north and southbound carriageways, between Marlow and the M40, to ensure the road remains in a safe condition and improves people’s journeys.

To carry out the work as efficiently and safely as possible, we’ll be closing the A404 overnight (between 9pm and 6am, Monday to Friday only) on the following dates:

  • Monday 14th October for three nights – A404 southbound from the M40 to the Marlow Interchange

  • Thursday 17th October for five weeks – A404 northbound from the Marlow Interchange to the M40

During the closures a signed diversion will be in place between Marlow and the Handy Cross roundabout via Wycombe Road.

Access for emergency service vehicles will not be available during these closures.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like you know more about our work please email us at or call us on 0300 123 5000; alternatively, you can visit our website at

We would like to apologies in advance for any inconvenience or disruption during our work. We will make every effort to manage noise levels to keep overall disruption to a minimum.

Have your say on the propised council tax scheme for the new Buckinghamshire Council


Have your say on the proposed council tax scheme for the new Buckinghamshire Council

In a consultation launched today, 14 August 2019, residents are being asked for their views on how the new Buckinghamshire council will support people on low incomes with their council tax bills through a new Council Tax Reduction (Support) Scheme. The changes are being discussed as the five councils prepare to become one, new council from 1 April 2020. Currently the four district councils, Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe, offer different levels of council tax support across Buckinghamshire, through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. However, from 1 April 2020, there will be one council for Buckinghamshire, so the proposal is to have one scheme for the whole of the county meaning people in the same situation are treated consistently and fairly wherever they live. The proposal brings the four current schemes together in the most effective way, with the least amount of change for those currently receiving a reduction in their council tax bill while making sure the new scheme is affordable for the new council. Council tax support is offered to people of working age on low incomes who are eligible for a reduction in their council tax based on their financial situation. This includes vulnerable people such as people who receive qualifying disability benefit and single parents with a child/children under 5. The proposed scheme does not affect pensioners who will continue to receive the same level of council tax reduction as directed by Government. Many people will see little or no changes, but combining four schemes into one does mean there will be some differences. Martin Tett, Leader of the Shadow Executive, said: “When we are one council it’s important that there isn’t a postcode lottery on the help our residents can get. We want a fair approach that offers residents the same level of support with their council tax bills no matter where they live in the county.” To find out more and have your say, visit For further information please contact: Karen Munson on 01296674654 or email

Wild Marlow

Wild Marlow I would like to bring to your attention a new group that has been set up called Wild Marlow. A group of enthusiasts, passionate about wildlife and protecting biodiversity in the Marlow area. By engaging with the local community through fun events, competitions, volunteering and work parties, we can raise awareness of the importance of a balanced ecosystem through knowledge, experience and pratical tasks. We plan to work with other like minded community groups, to achieve the biggest impact throughout Marlow, Marlow Bottom and Little Marlow, focusing on domestic gardens, parks, nature reserves, SSSIs and public open spaces. We are holding our inaugural meeting on Thursday 29th August, at 7.30pm at The Two Brewers, Marlow, where I hope people will attend to find out more and volunteer to help the group get off the ground. We are following in the excellent steps of Wild Maidenhead and Wild Cookham, hoping to achieve similar results for the Marlow area. I hope you will be happy to work with us as we find our feet and begin our work, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to see some of you at our first meeting. Find us on Facebook